martedì 8 novembre 2011


 ...... GLI OGGETTI DEL DESIDERIO....Forse Babbo Natale segue il mio blog!!!! hi hi hi :-) :-)

 ...... OBJECTS OF DESIRE .... Maybe Santa follows my blog!!!!! hi hi hi :-)  :-)

un post veloce per oggi....

 fast post  today...


5 commenti:

  1. I´m absolutely sure that Santa follows your blog and make at least one of your wishes come true !! (i hope)

    What a lovely blog you´ve got !

    Thanx for your nice comment !


  2. Lovely things! It look like Christmas. :)

    Thank for your comment. We are doing some renovation at the corner I showed you. We should put in a door and a window.

  3. I live in North of Norway, nearby a city called Harstad. I am glad you like my home. :)) It is a small house with a large garden by the seaside. :)

  4. Hello! I just found you thru Hulda's blog. I don't even have time to translate your blog today but I love the pictures. I'm your 100 follower!! Yip EEEEEE! I will be back soon. Your kitty looks like my kitty Lola B. She's a love too.
    My sister just got back from 2 weeks in Italy. I told her to just bring be Italian Shabby Chic magazines, she said she found 5! I hope it's the one you have on your sideboard. She just got back last night...
    Enjoy your day~SueBee

  5. Ehi, sei partita in quarta e posti praticamente tutti i giorni!!!!
    Basta, devo assolutamente ri-mettermici anch'io!!!
    I muffin alla mela mi ispirano un sacco!!


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