venerdì 25 novembre 2011


Capirete ben presto le mie manie… forse questa non era difficile da indovinare..L’arte dell’impacchettare con stile è una delle cose che adoro.Guardate che carini questi articoli presi da Esty lo shop si chiama KNOW &; BOW .Ogni giorno scopro novità. Trovo questi articoli interessanti,di questi mi piace molto la delicatezza dei colori e la semplicità . Anche questo shop è stato rigorosamente messo tra preferiti, ovviamente.


You will understand soon my delusions ... perhaps this was not hard to guess .. The art style is dell'impacchettare with one of the things I love doing. Look how cute these articles taken from the shop is called   KNOW &BOW on Esty. Every day I discover new features. I find these articles interesting, I like the delicacy of the colors and the simplicity of the decorations. Although this shop was strictly placed between favorites, of course.



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  1. Hello Simona!
    I was very happy to find your supernice comment in my blog. It made me all warm inside. And of course "creando" is italian. It is also latin. And I choose the name out of it´s latin meaning in swedish, which is "by creating". And that is what my blog is all about, I think. The wonderful feeling of creating a home. You are very welcome back to my blog. Hugs Kicki


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